Fees & Information

We understand that finding affordable, high-quality childcare is a top priority for parents and guardians.

Here, we transparently outline our fee structure to help you plan for your child’s care without any surprises. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information. 

Fee Table

Age GroupOld Monthly FeeOld Grant AmountExample Subsidy AmountNew Monthly FeeNew Grant AmountEstimated Parent Portion per Month
Toddlers (19 months to less than 3 years old)$1,038$510$266$999.10$709$24.10
Preschool (3 years old-to not yet attending Kinder)$985$450$266$947.60$626$55.60
Ukrainian Kindergarten$985$450$266$947.60$626$55.60
English Kindergarten (School year fee)$690$225-$664.35$225$439.35
Grade 1 to 6 (School year fee)$573--$573-$573

Please note: Subsidy amounts will vary as they are based on parental income; and therefore, the parent portion above is an estimate.
Grade 1 to 6 has an additional fee during the summer months of $100/month.
Pink Elephant is currently providing childcare service for school-aged children who are registered under St. Matthew Elementary School ONLY.

Subsidy Information

Parents/guardians are responsible to apply for and monitor their child’s subsidy amount and hours. We are here to help make this as easy as possible for you.

To start the application process, reapply, or update your current information, click the button below. You can also contact us for assistance. 

About the Affordability Grant

The Affordability Grant is an operating grant for eligible programs that provides monthly funding that helps cover the day-to-day costs of running a licensed child care program.

Parents are NOT responsible for this application as Pink Elephant will do this on your behalf.