All activities promote and maintain a safe environment, creating opportunities for the child to develop and grow in a positive manner to reach his/her fullest potential. Our key objectives are as follows:

Exploration – to explore the environment and themselves and how they relate to the environment; while creating an interest in the world around them (field trips, independent discovery)

Develop Creativity – to allow children to respond to their own creativity, self-expression to develop their own independent thinking; the result of the process is more important than the product

Build Self-Esteem – through participation, problem solving, relating to their individual needs and treating each child as an individual and accepting each child’s uniqueness

Develop Cognitive, Social, Physical Skills – to provide the learning situations and opportunities to discover who, what, where, why and how; to discover concepts of spatial relationships; to provide interesting centers to aid in the child’s concentration and learning that will assist in preparation for kindergarten; to provide field trips, community experiences, social interaction, introduction to computers, other enhanced activities and the opportunity to become familiar with the multi-cultural make-up of our society

Develop Muscular Coordination & Strength – to provide gross and fine motor skill activities during indoor play, outdoor play and gym time

In keeping with the Ukrainian heritage we provide events such as baking Ukrainian Easter Bread, decorating Ukrainian Easter Eggs, celebration for Easter Blessing and Christmas that are very much enjoyed by the children and their families. We also celebrate all of the traditional occasions.